The Benefits of Taking a Shuttle in Pensacola

airport shuttle pensacolaWhen you discover that you’re having to fly more and more, you just might have found out that it may be wise to explore all the options available when it comes to transportation to or from the airport. If you are taking an airport taxi, just because of the convenience, it might be time to check out what shuttle companies can provide and make a comparison of the benefits.

Will your commute exceed a couple miles? Anytime you are riding more than 15 or 20 miles, a shuttle will probably like your business, as this is generally where it is worthwhile for a shuttle to want your business and this is generally where there minimum miles starts at.

When businesses fly a group or groups of their employees to shows or lectures, a shuttle represents a practical way to transport the group, as it keeps the cost low and keeps the group from being scattered in separate cars.

Are you requiring luxury and space? If you are wanting something nicer than just your average taxi, a shuttle is the preferred way to ride. An airport shuttle is almost always going to be an upgrade over an airport taxi. A shuttle service exists to give it’s customers a nice comfortable ride and almost always pay less.

Although an airport service will probably always be the best option choice, some situations will make using a taxi a wiser option. Obviously, when you are needing a ride for a short distance a few blocks away, it is probably not worth your time taking a shuttle. In fact, most shuttle businesses will have a minimum mileage or fare anyhow. Another reason would be a an emergency trip whereas there just is not enough time to arrange a ride.

Many of us that travel a lot will one day take a ride with a shuttle company for the simple reason that they know that a shuttle company will always accept their credit card. With business travelers getting company-reimbursed for travel expenses, it is pretty common that they use a company credit card.

Airport Shuttle Options at The Pensacola Airport

pensacola airport shuttle transportationThe Pensacola airport is a relatively small airport located in Northeast Pensacola. However, for a small airport, it is one of the busiest airports in Florida. Much of the traffic is due to tourism in the busy season which starts in March and ends in October. Most flyers are taking vacations in areas such as Pensacola Beach, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Destin. Your Able Shuttle Service options are an airport taxi or airport shuttle. Airport taxis are available in a line outside the airport. The advantage of an airport taxi is it’s convenience. One disadvantage is that they are going to be the more expensive option for ground transportation. Another disadvantage is that not all take credit cards. Airport shuttle services are available by appointment. Although, they lack the convenience of being able to grab one after you leave the airport, there are a few advantages. One nice thing about a shuttle is that you will almost always get a better vehicle at a better rate. An airport shuttle is meant to be an upgrade over a taxi. They will also give you peace of mind, because you can check them out before you make a reservation and learn a little about them. Reviews are always available online through Google and some shuttle companies will have reviews on their website. Unfortunately, you will not have this luxury if you take some random taxi at the airport.

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Airport Shuttle Rates Versus a Taxi

shuttleWhen you are planning a vacation to the Pensacola area and arranging air travel to the Pensacola Airport, you should also plan your transportation to or from the airport. As said before, a taxi is a great convenience after leaving the airport after a long flight. And they are probably going to be the best option if you are traveling a few blocks or maybe a few miles down the road, but it is not always the best option for a distance of 20 miles or more. Remember that a taxi charges by meter which calculates your fare by time and distance. Thus, the amount you pay will not only be higher in heavy traffic, but you are going to have to hope you have an honest driver that does not take you “the long way”. With an airport shuttle, you will always be quoted a flat rate, so never have to worry about the rate you will pay. It will never change. You also have to think about security as well. Especially if you are a woman traveling alone. Many women traveling alone feel much safer when they have a ride arranged in advance. This way they can research the company and choose the shuttle company that makes them feel the most comfortable And they can let their friends and family know who they are riding with. If you decide not to plan your transportation and take some random taxi, you also have to understand the risk that goes with it.



The Cost of a Taxi Verus an Airport Shuttle in Pensacola Beach

Transportation Options on Pensacola Beach

Penacola Beach taxiIn case you have a need for taxi service because you are going on a vacation, make sure to book ahead of time. This way they will be better prepared to pick you up in Pensacola Beach. They may prescribe the best time to lift you up so that paying little heed to the hindrances in Pensacola, you will, in any case, figure out how to get to your flight on time. Try not to have an extensive rundown of administration suppliers that you need to examine your taxi cab route. You will be drained before you even explore half of those administrations. Continuously restrict down your hunt to around three or four cab organizations. You can search for online surveys to help you limit down this rundown, especially. In the event that you don’t know where to discover trustworthy client audits on the beach, you ought to attempt the Better Business Bureau’s site in Pensacola.

Cost of an Airport Shuttle versus a Taxi in Pensacola


Cab ServiceWhile considering the right airplane terminal transport organization to utilize, you have to consider their general cost when comparing a taxi to a shuttle service. This will rely on upon various components how far you live from the airport taxis or how many travelers there are. In any case, a great number of taxi administrations have level rates for specific destinations, similar to when making a trip from the air terminal to your lodging. It is likewise critical to ask whether the rates they have charged are just to transport you and any organization you may have. In the event that they plan to get different clients along the way, you ought to most likely request a markdown. This implies it is likewise critical to know the number of individuals on your outing. At the point when the number is too huge, you are better of utilizing a contract transport administration. While the majority of the sanction have a focal get area, you will profit by lower rates.